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Find your luxury bridal gown for less at our £1k for 1 day sale

We are so excited to announce that we are doing something we have NEVER done before.

In the world of bridal, we regularly buy new bridal sample gowns for our brides to try on to help them find their dream bridal gown. This means that every year we have to refresh our stock taking away some dresses that we can no longer order and replacing them with some new season gowns.

For this reason we are having an Under £1k for 1 day sale on Sunday 3rd March.

At our sale, ALL of our bridal sample dresses will be £1,000 or under! This includes current season and ex season gowns, meaning you could get up to 70% off your dream bridal gown.

We are so excited!

To book your appointment, click the button below.

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